The Artist

I do what I love and what I know and what I love and know is the country life. I get my inspirations from the way that I was raised and the influences from my family. My dad kept us in the woods and on the lake, kept us well mannered and true to our roots. If he did not know how to do something then he would just figure it out. I'm definately the same way when starting a project that I know nothing about, because my point of view is that there isn't anything that I can not do.

Here at our Homestead we love anything outdoors and spend most of our days outside, the same as how I was raised, and not in front of a television or wrapped up in technology. My family takes first priority in my life so therefore this is my hobby and my "me time". Being creative is the one thing that I do for myself and yet most of the time the whole family is involved. We are just a modern family with old fashioned ways and it shows in my work and what sets me apart from others.

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